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Building Anvil from Source


Anvil requires a recent version of Go installed. The build will download any required Go modules automatically from the internet, but the GIO UI library has some external dependencies if you are building on Linux. See the GIO install page for the list.

Standard Build Instructions

The usual build method should be run on Linux. The source code archive contains two subdirectories to be built: anvil, which contains the editor source code, and anvil-extras, which contains optional helper programs.

Change to each of these directories and then run:


This will build anvil and helper programs for the current OS and architecture. To build for another architecture, use the -a and -o options. For example, the following command builds for windows 64-bit:

./ -a amd64 -o windows

Using ./build -h provides help about the available options. The final binaries/executables are found in the anvil or anvil-extras directories.

Alternate Build Instructions

If you are building on Windows or don't want to use for some reason, you can instead cd to specific subdirectories and build the binary using go build. You can do that in the following directories:

  • anvil/src/anvil: To build Anvil
  • anvil-extras/cmd/mdtoc: To build mdtoc
  • anvil-extras/cmd/autodump: To build aad
  • anvil-extras/cmd/Rt: To build the Rt
  • anvil-extras/cmd/awin: To build awin
  • anvil-extras/cmd/wrap: To build wrap