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Common Issues and How To Fix Them

Anvil Environment Variables are Not Set for Remote Commands

Anvil exports some environment variables to the environment of the processes it executes, including those needed to connect to the API as described in the environment reference. For those to be exported for remote commands the SSH server may need to be configured to specifically allow them. For the OpenSSH server this amounts to adding the following line to the SSH configuration:

AcceptEnv ANVIL_*

Run Anvil in VirtualBox

When Anvil is run in a Linux virtual machine hosted in VirtualBox, you may see sluggish performance. This is because Anvil uses OpenGL for rendering, and VirtualBox attempts to emulate the OpenGL hardware calls in software poorly. Mesa software rendering performs better than VirtualBox's implementation, so exporting the following variable to the environment before starting Anvil will switch to Mesa software rendering and improve the performance: