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Useful Tools

This page lists a number of tools (simple programs) that are particularly useful to run as external commands from Anvil. Some are specifically written to use the Anvil API.

C Development

This section lists tools useful for C development.


The Format shell script uses clang-format to format a selection of C code in Anvil. It can be downloaded here, and is also found in the Anvil source code under tools/format.


When run from Anvil the Rt command reads a ctags tag file, finds the function specified as an argument, and acquires it in a window.


Anvil Auto-Dump (aad) periodically runs the Anvil Dump command to create a dumpfile. It is meant to be run from within Anvil. When started it will continue running until Anvil exits or aad is killed.

By default it will Dump to a file named 'anvil-auto.dump' every 30 seconds. These values can be overridden by command line options:

Option Semantics
-i I, --interval I The interval in seconds between Dumps
-d F, --dumpfile F The name of the dumpfile to generate
-v, --verbose Print extra info

aad can be downloaded from the download page, and can be found in the Anvil source code at tools/aad.


The mdtoc command prints a table-of-contents for a Markdown file. When run from Anvil, the mdtoc command reads the contents of the current window body and outputs each line in the body that begins with '#'. It appends the filename and line number to each line for easy access from Anvil.